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John Williams

John Williams writes books to help people do things better. Everything he writes is based on his own experience and research.

John's books, "Make Your Own Website" and "Power Up Your Website" were written to help people that were building a business that was based on the Internet.

"Promote Your Small Business on The Internet" is for people who want to use the power of the Internet to promote their off line business more successfully.

You can use the Internet to gain more customers for whatever services and products you are selling.

It can also help you to reduce your overall advertising costs and improve the profile of yourself and your business in your local area.

The methods and resources which John uses and explains in this book are low cost (some are free) but very powerful and reliable.

John says, "this book is written to help any small business users the power of the Internet for promotion and increased profits."


Promote Your Small Business on the Internet

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