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Dear Lucky Internet Marketer,

If you’ve ever wanted to tap into a market where there’s PLENTY of room to make some money online…with MILLIONS of people searching in this niche every day…then this message will cut to the chase and let you in on an AWESOME secret.

Because I’m going to tell you about a HUGE niche that you absolutely NEED to be a part of if you want to boost your chances of making money online.

What is it? It’s the Self Improvement niche.

Listen: there are TONS of people making money in self improvement every year…from big guys on infomercials to “underground” marketers in the comfort of their OWN homes.

Why? Because there’s a HUGE demand for it. I was skeptical myself until I fired up my computer to see what markets existed and…

Check out some of the keyword research I performed using Google's Adwords tool -  (Estimated Figures of Keywords and Related Keyword Searches per Month):

Anxiety/Panic +608,000 searches
Depression +993,000 searches
Self-Help & Self-Improvement +202,000 searches
Stop/Quit Smoking +416,000 searches
Confidence +62,000 searches
Marriage +717,000 searches
Subliminal +95,000 searches
Hypnosis/Hypnotism +163,000 searches
Mental Health +163,000 searches
Self-Esteem +163,000 searches
Time Management +163,000 searches
Anger Management +163,000 searches
Sleep/Insomnia +163,000 searches
Public Speaking +54,000 searches
Happiness +55,000 searches
Affirmation & Vizualization +48,000 searches
Positive Thinking & Self Talk +13,000 searches
Success & Achievement +141,000 searches
Fear +275,000 searches
Motivation +150,000 searches
Goal-Setting +26,000 searches
Weight Loss/Lose Weight +2,615,000 searches

...And a whole LOT more!

When I saw these results, I wanted to cry. There is a HUGE opportunity in the "Self-Help" and "Self Improvement" industries that I had completely overlooked.

Check out the stats above again and you'll see that with just a very small percentage of these potential customers, you could make a decent income.

What do these figures prove?
What do they tell you? One thing: People are hungry! People are starving...People are desperately in need of self-improvement information!

More than 20 million Americans are suffering from phobias, chronic nervousness, and anxiety according to the United States National Institute of Mental Health.  What's more shocking is that these figures are attributed to Americans alone.

Just imagine the figures if you consider the entire world!

Millions of people are searching online and spending millions of dollars on self-help/ self-improvement information every year, and there are no signs to indicate the demand is going to decrease any time soon.

Plus, with life's pressures, challenges, frustrations, troubles, difficulties and disappointments ever increasing, demand is going to skyrocket. Especially in light of the crappy US economy!

Don’t believe me? Check this out….

David Riklan's network of self-improvement websites receive over 300,000 unique visitors a month and their e-mail Newsletters or e-zines go to over 500,000 weekly subscribers. His websites and newsletters are read in over 100 different countries!

You can only guess how much money he's making in the self-improvement industry. Don't make a shy guess! :)

Gary Vurnum is author of the bestseller The Science of Success. He is currently earning five figures per month selling high-quality self-improvement information.

Mike Mograbi is the author of Program Your Mind for Success in Record Time! an ebook acclaimed by self-improvement gurus like Gary Vurnum. The book has sold tens of thousands of dollars ever since its release in Dec. 2004. Mike has also built an opt-in list of people interested in self-improvement topics. He occasionally promotes quality self-improvements products to his list as an affiliate using pre-sellers and generates hundreds and thousands of dollars per promotion.

Patric Chan is the CEO of and author of
How To Make More Money Easily. His simple self-improvement webpage and e-Newsletter had generated thousands of dollars for him -- And he's not even living in United States!

Jeff Staniforth is the founder of Affirmware and the creator of the best selling Sculptor affirmation software. He has sold thousands and thousands of dollars from his software and helped improve the lives of many people!

You see, there are basically two ways to cash in on the boom in the self-improvement industry and claim your share of profits.

1) The Hard & Expensive Way (Note: I don't advise you to take this way)

Pay several thousand dollars a month (hundreds of dollars a day) to freelance writers/voice talents or (b) spend around four to five hours a day researching topics, writing reports and articles, and making audios about them. Not to mention paying THOUSANDS for copywriting and Hundreds for graphics!


2): The Easy Way! (Highly Recommended!)

Your second choice if you don't want to spend the time or money is to simply become a Self-Improvement Millionaires™ member. It will save you thousands of dollars and hours of work.

As a member, you just have to pay about $1 a day and get reports and audios with private label resale rights, sales letters, professional graphics, self-improvement presellers, internet marketing resources and a lot more!

Important: Content provided is 100% original. It's not found anywhere else on the web. I am the source...qualified people created this content so you can profit from it with LITTLE effort from you!

Got your attention? Good! Let me continue as I tell you more about how you can get a head start on your potential self-improvement fortune by joining:

Top-Selling Self-Help Products
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Self Improvement Millionaires will give you ALL the tools you need to make income in the self-help/self improvement market. When you sign up you'll get access to a BRAND NEW self-improvement product every week for 36 straight weeks.

You get one professionally written self-improvement report with private label resale rights each and every week. Each report consists of 50 to 100 pages of information-packed content.

Exclusive Resale Rights: Limited and valid only to members. You have resale rights for these reports as long as you're a member.

You’ll be receiving two versions for each report:

Adobe PDF format. This is intended for those who are in a rush to get some fast results! This version is already in e-book format, so they are good to go and ready to sell!

You may start selling as-is and generate immediate profits.

Rich Text Format which is both PC and Mac compatible. This format makes it very easy for you to modify anything related to the text and content of the report.

Remember! You have the private label resale rights to these reports, which means you may do anything you wish with them. The possibilities are endless!

  • Extract content to create separate reports, manuals, e-courses, or articles!
  • Post the content on your website, BLOGS, forums, in directories, newsletters, magazines, and any other place you can think of! As we’ve told you before, nothing beats content in attracting tons of free search engine traffic, and maximizing your sales!
  • Add your own text, graphics, or links! (BTW, you also get professional graphics with every report).
  • Modify anything! Change the title, change the words, you have the power to choose!
  • Sign your name as the author and be recognized as an expert in a specific self-improvement field!
  • ...and A LOT more!
First class all the way. The products are well written, include all marketing materials as a bonus! The product topics are well researched in high demand markets and can be easily modified to target sub niches.

Impressed all around - great job. I highly recommend Self Improvement Millionaires!

Mark Idzik


Important Note: There is one thing you CANNOT do. You cannot transfer the resell rights of these reports to other people. No one is allowed to sell these reports except for Self-Improvement-Millionaires members. This is to ensure that these reports do not get saturated in the marketplace. We don’t want every Tom, Dick, and Harry selling them. That would be unfair to our members, who deserve to be given the royal treatment!

You get a professionally drafted sales letter for every Self-Improvement Millionaires report.

You don’t have to waste your effort, time or money doing that!

Professional copywriters charge thousands of dollars for just one sales letter. But you don’t have to pay a single penny. As a member, you get two versions of the sales letter for each report:

HTML Format. If you’re in a hurry, just change the Order Links, upload your webpage, and you’re instantly in business! We’re giving the sales letters to you on a silver platter... with GRAPHICS included!

Rich Text Format so you can change them around anyway you want!

You are free to do anything you want with them. Add video, audio, your own words, testimonials, and just about anything you can think of! As for graphics, we already provide them for you (but you may create your own if you want to. It’s your choice! But why bother?)

You can even extract some of the content in the sales letters to create your ads for promotion. Of course, you're free to edit the sales letter in any way you like!

We hire professional graphics designers to create professional graphics for you!

For each report you get: 2D graphics, 3D graphics in multi-sizes, header, footer, back image and an order button!

Just check out some of the graphics you get here!

In the 1st week you'll get access to the awesome report "How To Boost Your Confidence". This is something that everyone strives to improve...and are DYING to find out! You can give this away as a freebie to build your list or sell it for profit!

In Week 16 we will send you the awesome report "How To Conquer Difficult People". We all deal with difficult people in our jobs, our families and everywhere else in our lives. Everyone will LOVE this report and will be able to apply the info ASAP...and thank you for it!

...and in Week 34 we'll send you the special report, "Detoxify Your Life...How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits Effectively!" This report will show people how to conquer any bad habit...from drinking to snapping at people when they are angry. This is GREAT content people will eat up!

You have really outdone yourself this time. Self-Improvement-Millionaires has loads of ebooks and reports on some of the hottest Self Improvement topics.

Everybody interested in this niche should check it out Today... I can't wait to add this niche to our site.

Andrea Paduchak


And there's a WHOLE lot more when you claim your 14-day trial today!

Sell these reports as is, for quick and easy profits! What if you sold just one report for $19.95 and you made only 20 sales. Since you’re keeping all the profits that’s an easy extra $399 in your bank account, generated from the sales of just one report!

Sell products you get with Master Resale Rights for immediate profits! Bundle different reports/master resale rights products together and sell as valuable info-packages! People love to buy quality packages at special prices, and you would still make more profits per sale! Remember: You're keeping 100% of the profits!

Extract content from the reports! You can create quality articles, mini-reports and e-courses for your websites, blogs, ezine/newsletter, etc. to generate quality traffic and increase site stickiness and visitors/customers' satisfaction.

The benefits are too numerous to list: Easy source of content, more traffic, more 'satisfied' traffic, more leads, bigger opt-in list, more clicks, more sales, etc.

Increase your Google AdSense revenue! More quality content on your site, means more targeted Google AdSense displayed = Increased AdSense Profits. Just place AdSense on the content pages you create and let Google pay you to advertise on these pages.

Add your name and resource box (containing links to your products) to the extracted content and articles just as if you'd written them yourself! Let the magic of viral marketing work for you to bring you tons of sales! Also use content from the reports on your website to get tons of search engine traffic.

Create a content-based affiliate marketing site, where Self-Improvement Millionaires™ can act as presellers to affiliate products you're promoting on your site!

Sell the content from reports OFFLINE! Convert them into hard copies, audios, CD-ROMs, or any other forms your creative mind can think of! The possibilities are endless!

...and a Whole lot more!

Let's make one thing clear:

You don't have to be a graduate from MIT or Harvard. You do not need to be smart, have a university graduate degree, be a self-improvement expert, know anything about the personal development industry or have tens of thousands of dollars to invest in self-help research and development.

Everything is right here! If you put forth a little effort you could be making money in NO time!

Wow, what a fantastic site, the products are fantastic and well worth the monthly cost. Even if you are not looking to make money with these then just get the reports, they are amazing.

I really cant say enough about this site.

Thanks guys
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But that's not all:

For a limited time, when you sign up for Self Improvement Millionaires, I will give you INSTANT ACCESS to the following works:

  • Private Label Rights to "Ensure Your Dream Life With The Law Of Attraction", "Get Lean The Lazy Way", and "Finding Your Dream Work-from-Home Job""...3 Excellent Self-Improvement Reports!

    EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Private Label Rights Domination with Russell Brunson - this is an awesome audio where millionaire Russell Brunson reveals the secrets to scoring big with private label rights!

  • Sales letters, graphics, and EVERYTHING you need to market these PLR products and start making money!

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Best part? Membership is only $27/Month! That’s the same price of a couple Starbucks coffees, some movie rentals, and a couple magazine subscriptions. Why not spend that money on getting self-improvement products you can sell over and over again and make MULTIPLE times the money!
When you decided to join, we will automatically bill your credit card every month for $27… and you can cancel any time. If you want to cancel your membership, simply email customer service at and we will STOP charging your credit card immediately.
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You will get access to 1 self improvement product in the members area every week for 36 weeks. And after the time is complete (and you have 36 self-improvement works in your possession!), your subscription will end and you'll stop getting billed forever.

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